I'd like to request a borough record
Visit the Right to Know section of the website for the policy, record request form and fee schedule. You may also contact Connie Zitsch, Open Records Officer.

Connie Zitsch
200 Overcrest Road
Marysville, PA 17053

My garbage was not picked up today
Call the borough office at 717-957-3110 for garbage not picked up.

I need to have a large item picked up
Call Advanced Disposal at 1-800-338-8971 to have a large item picked up.

Where do I get a certificate of residency?
The Susquenita School District Office

There is a broken tree limb in the public right-of-way or on the road
Report all problems related to the roadways to the Department of Public Works, at 717-957-2903; unless it is a state roadway.

There are issues with my sewer
Report all problems related to sewer to the Treatment Plant at 717-957-2903

Someone visited my home trying to sell me something
Ask if they have a Solicitor’s Permit. If they do not, notify the Borough Manager at 717-957-3110

There is a streetlight near my home that is out
Contact PP&L 1-800-342-5775, with the number on the pole and the location of the light, or contact the borough office to report it. If you do not have the pole number, provide the street and location of the pole.

My water has low pressure or is brown
Call Suez Water Pennsylvania at 717-564-3662.

When do I need a zoning permit?
A Zoning Permit is typically needed prior to establishing or expanding use, and before a building or structure is built or altered. A Zoning Permit is also required for construction of decks, fences, sheds, signs, pools and driveways. A plot plan is often required to verify compliance with Zoning Ordinance requirements (i.e. setbacks, impervious coverage). Zoning permit application are available on the website. If you have any questions, please contact the borough office at 717-957-3110 or email us at boro17053@comcast.net.

When do I need a building permit
Any time you are constructing a new building, structure, or swimming pool, or taking on a remodeling project, you will need a Building Permit. It is best to assume that a permit is required, and contact Building Inspection Underwriters at 1-877-453-4321 or go to their website at www.biupa.com to clarify permit requirements. An application is necessary, and plan review is often required to determine compliance with Construction Code requirements. Applications are available on the Building Underwriters website.

Where can I get a permit application
Applications are available at the Borough Office and online. If you have questions, please contact the Borough Office at 957-3110.

Where do I get a recycling bin?
You can get a recycle bin at the Borough Office, 200 Overcrest Road.

Where is the library
The library is located at 198 Overcrest Road. You can contact them at 717-957-2851.