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New Trash Hauler

August 23, 2018

Beginning on September 1st the borough will have Waste Management as the new trash hauler.

The new trash pickup day will be Monday.

Since Labor Day falls on Monday, September 3rd, trash will be picked up on Tuesday, September 4th.

Recycle bins have been ordered and will be delivered when Waste Management receives them.

Trash and Recycle Reminders

Garbage and Recyclable CAN NOT be put out before 5:00pm on the day before pickup.

Garbage and Recyclables need to be out by 5:00am on the day of pick up.

Residents are allowed four bags of trash and one large item a week.

Please make sure all trash is put in bags and tied.NO loose trash allowed.

NO PLASTIC BAGS:Please do not bag recyclables in plastic bags. Recycle materials in plastic bags will not be collected.

Large Item Pick-Up

If you have a large item you can place it out with your trash.No need to call Waste Management for the pickup.Large items include box spring, mattress, furniture, appliances, etc.

“White goods containing FREON (air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier, etc.) must have Freon professionally removed prior to collection”.