Police Department

The Police Department is located at: 200 Overcrest Road, Marysville, PA 17053

If you need to contact the Police Department, please call 717-957-2616

After a seasonable winter, hopefully this newsletter finds us with warm spring temperatures. Warmer temperatures means Street Sweeping will resume in the Borough. Residents are reminded Street Sweeping takes place every month on the 3rd Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00am5:00pm. Please take notice to the posted signs to avoid parking tickets. If you receive a parking ticket, please pay it promptly. Failure to pay a $15.00 parking ticket will result in a Traffic Citation being issued with a total of $89.00

Warmer temperatures also increase the outside activity of children in the Borough. Parents, please help ensure your children's safety by making them wear helmets when riding bicycles and scooters. PA laws require all children under the age of 12 wear an approved helmet when riding a bicycle or scooter. Parents are also reminded Marysville Borough has a Curfew Ordinance. Curfew for minors under age 14 years is I0pm, for minors between age 14 and 18 years, curfew is 11pm. Please be aware that anyone on a bicycle or scooter has the duties to obey stop signs and other traffic control devices as someone operating a motor vehicle.

Warmer weather also means an increase of motorcycles on Pennsylvania roadways. Please "Watch For Motorcycles". I'd like to also remind all drivers, it is illegal to text and drive in Pennsylvania. This includes texting while at red lights and stop signs Distracted driving has become the #1 contributing factor of all Motor Vehicle Accidents in the United States. No text is worth dying for or worse yet killing someone.

Residents are reminded it is unlawful to let cats and dogs run at large. ALL cats and dogs must be leashed or under direct physical control at all times. Owners are also responsible for picking up and properly disposing of their pet's waste. For those using the Memorial Walking Path at the Marysville Lions Club, plastic bags and disposal containers are provided for pet waste.

Bear activity this fall was minimal in the borough. However, with warming weather hungry bears will be on the hunt for food. Use caution if you encounter a bear, especially any sows with cubs. Common food sources that attract bears are bird feeders, trash cans/recycle bins, and outside dog/cat bowls. Birds are less dependent on feeders as warmer temperatures bring insects out. Humming bird feeders should be removed overnight. Keep trash cans secure until pick up. Rinse cans before placing them in recycle bins. Remove dog and cat food bowls after feeding. These tips can help keep bears from becoming a nuisance to borough residents. Bear damage and encounters can be reported to the Pennsylvania Game Commission Regional Office (814)643-1831 or this department (717)957-2616.

News & Updates

A note from the Mayor

There have been several home burglaries and vehicles broken into recently. Please be advised to take precautions and make sure you lock your homes and vehicles. If you notice anyone in your neighborhood that's suspicious or doing something suspicious call 911. If anyone has any information pertaining to these burglaries please call 957-2616.

There have also been numerous bear sightings in our borough. Please be advised that bears are attracted to bird feeders, garbage cans, recyclables containers and table scraps.

Thank You, Deb Troutman

Skateboarding and motorized scooters are becoming a problem on the Borough streets and sidewalk.

Borough Ordinance 410, section 101 states that Skateboarding, Scootering and sledding are PROHIBITED and is restricted on Sidewalks, Streets and Alleys…..No person or persons shall coast or ride upon any sled, scooter, skateboard, three-wheeled pedaled conveyance without brakes or similar conveyance upon any street or alley in the Borough of Marysville.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says the “use of motorized scooters on the highways of the Commonwealth is illegal and their use is clearly and inherently dangerous.” According to the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (75 Pa C.S. 102) motorized scooters are motor vehicles. A motor vehicle may not be ridden on the sidewalks (75 Pa C.S. 703(a)) and inspected ((75 Pa C.S. 4703 (a)) in the state of Pennsylvania and any rider/driver must be licensed (75 Pa C.S 1501 (a)). However, the motorized scooters cannot meet the standards set for titling, registration or inspection of motor vehicles. Therefore, a motorized scooter cannot be legally ridden/driven on the highway or public property.